Winter Moving Hacks to Make Your Move Easy

While moving to a new home is typically a very exciting prospect, there is also an overwhelming side to it as well. Not only that, but if your relocation happens to fall in the wintertime or especially is a long-distance move in the winter, plenty of new challenges are added to the picture!

While local moves in Phoenix are not so bad considering the characteristically warm climate, in any area with frigid winds, snow, and ice, moving will be quite the task. Here, the pros from Leo’s Moving (a Phoenix moving company), have compiled some hacks to help make your winter moving easier on the whole family!

Moving Boxes


First off, do not be afraid to move in the winter! If moving in the winter is the best timing for your family between selling your home and purchasing a new one, go for it. Do not allow yourself to miss out on your dream home just because you and your Phoenix local movers want to avoid a winter move.

Keep in mind that many affordable moving companies in Phoenix also offer winter specials due to the fact that most people inherently avoid winter moves. Scheduling a local or long-distance move in the wintertime may actually save you quite a bit of money, and you are more likely to have movers available on the specific dates you need.


Remember that daylight hours are much different in the winter than the summer. This is probably one of the biggest disadvantages to a winter move, since the moving process may simply take an extra day or two because there are less hours to work with throughout the day.
The best way to combat this issue is to be flexible and allow your move to take slightly longer than you may have originally anticipated. Enjoy the few extra hours of rest you will get because it is darker longer in the morning and earlier at night.

It is also critical to remember that inclement weather can spring up in winter, requiring your Phoenix movers to reschedule for a different date for their safety and yours.


The more organized you are, the smoother the move will be for everyone. Keeping good lists, a written schedule (with room for flexibility), sorted boxes, clearly labeled boxes, and a floor plan for your new home, are all good things to help the day move smoothly and the move execute more efficiently.

Remember to keep a list of everything you are taking in your personal vehicle, so nothing gets left behind. This includes important medications, family pets, houseplants, any highly fragile or irreplaceable items, laptops, etc. Doing so is especially important for long-distance relocation, so that everyone is on the same page and you will have allowance for unseen delays or issues.
Keeping lists is an important part of communicating with your Phoenix long-distance movers so nothing gets missed in the transition to your new home. Additionally, remember that most movers are actually not even allowed to move certain materials for safety purposes (such as hazardous cleaning materials, etc), so have a plan for that as well.


As mentioned before, wintertime of course comes with inclement weather and last minute storms. Snow and Ice buildup are the two biggest concerns in this area, so it is important to make sure all sidewalks and driveways (at both locations) are clear and salted for the safety of family, friends, and movers. This is your responsibility as the homeowner and as the one hiring the movers, so do not overlook it. The movers have a right to be able to do their job appropriately and safely.


Make sure the floors at your old and new locations are protected. Nobody wants to be slapped with an extra expense from a previous home because the floors received extensive water damage during move-out. And certainly, you will want to protect your new home to keep it looking pristine, and avoid damages from water, salt, or muddy gravel being tracked in on shoes. While it may seem like a hassle, the extra step is well worth your effort.


Lastly, be certain that you choose a professional, licensed, and experienced moving company to work with for your relocation. Leo’s Moving is a local, family-owned moving company in Phoenix that has decades of experience and skill in all types of moves, both local and long-distance. Moving is not cheap, but it will be worth your investment in hiring a skilled and highly trained moving crew to relocate your belongings. Any reputable moving company, such as Leo’s Moving, will be specifically trained for wintertime moves, for utmost safety and excellent service.

Overall, moving in the winter is an exhausting and overwhelming process that does require some extra attentiveness. Hiring Leo’s Moving to shoulder the burden will help simplify your move and ensure that it gets done efficiently and safely. Take advantage of lower rates and more flexible scheduling, and remember to stay organized and leave room for surprise weather. If you follow these hacks while working with Leo’s Moving, your relocation is sure to be smooth, efficient, and maybe even enjoyable for the whole family.

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