How To Pack Your Sofa & Couch When Moving To A New Home

Tips For Moving Your Couch Without Damaging It

Moving into a new home can be stressful, especially if you don’t know where to start. The last thing you want to worry about is packing your furniture, but unfortunately, you must be careful with it to avoid issues. The good news is that we can give you the best tips to pack your sofa and couch without much effort. 

A trusted Phoenix moving company will teach you below how to pack these items safely so you have less stress while moving to a new house. Take notes of them and get ready for your dream home! 

Tips For Moving Your Couch Without Damaging It in Arizona

How To Pack a Sofa

You must pack your sofa carefully to avoid damage. Fabrics are often delicate, so you want to ensure they don’t get stained or ripped off. 

Use couch covers or packing blankets to wrap your furniture, but always keep an eye on the fabric so it remains intact while moving out!

Also, follow these tips:

  • If you use blankets to protect the furniture, wrap them around and tape them. Cover all the furniture, including any finished wood like the legs. 
  • To ensure your sofa is well-protected, stand it up on its ends and tape the blankets a few times to ensure they are tight. 
  • Wrap the sofa in microfoam and tape it securely to avoid fabric exposure.
  • After that, wrap the sofa in paper pads, always making sure you tape everything together. 
  • Lastly, shrink wrapping everything. Do not use shrink wrap directly on the sofa because it can ruin the fabric. 

You can wrap your sofa without help, but feel free to contact Paradise Valley local movers to get a hand if the task is too complicated. 

How To Pack a Sofa Bed

With a sofa bed, you must secure the mattresses’ mechanism. Since it is quite heavy (sofa beds usually weigh over a hundred pounds) you should call for help from a friend or a local moving service. 

Follow these steps once you’re ready:

  • Remove all the cushions and place them in plastic bags to protect them from debris, dirt, moisture, and other external elements during the move.
  • Once you open the sofa bed, remove the mattress and pack it separately from the sofa. 
  • Next, fold the bed frame inside the sofa bed to tie its mechanism.
  • Wrap a piece of twine through the handle and around the bottom of the furniture. This process will tie the sofa bed mechanism.
  • Make sure the bed frame is secured. It shouldn’t fall out when you move the sofa. 

How To Pack a Leather Sofa

Leather sofas are more likely to get damaged than other sofas, so you must stay alert while protecting them. 

Leather is expensive, which is why many people do anything possible to take care of it. If you think you cannot protect your leather sofa well, contact a Fountain Hills moving company to receive help.

Here are some steps to pack a leather sofa sucessfully:

  • Use furniture blankets to protect your sofa from scuffs, tears, dirt, and scratches.
  • Tape the furniture pads to keep the blankets in place.
  • Stand the couch up on its ends to ensure its legs are also protected.
  • After covering the sofa, wrap it entirely with furniture pads before using shrink wrap.
  • Do not wrap your leather sofa with shrink wrap directly! It could cause moisture and damage your sofa! 

How To Store a Leather Sofa

Are you leaving your leather sofa in a storage unit? If so, you must ensure the environment is safe enough to keep your sofa in good condition until moving out. Consider these guidelines to ensure perfect storage:

  • Clean your leather sofa before placing it in a storage unit. You can use a leather cleaner or a conditioner with a lint-free cloth.
  • See if the storage unit is climate-controlled before placing your sofa. This way, you can avoid excessive humidity and pest infestation.
  • Cover your sofa with blankets to protect it from external elements.
  • You can also cover the floor of the storage unit if necessary. If you got the storage service from a Phoenix moving company, ask the staff if they can cover the floor. 
  • Cover the floor with sheets or wooden pallets to elevate the sofa and prevent damage from vermin.
  • Do not place any objects over the sofa.
  • Leave a for or six inches of space between the sofa and the wall to enable airflow and ventilation. 

Contact A Reliable Phoenix Moving Company For Effective Results

By following these tips, you shouldn’t have any problems when packing or moving your sofa. If you are moving from home soon, feel free to contact Leo’s Moving for more help, we’ll be happy to attend to you and guarantee a safe and efficient moving service! 


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