8 Helpful Tips For A Successful Move-In Day

8 Essential Moving Day Tips That Will Make The Moving Process Smoother

Moving day is a significant milestone in anyone’s life. Whether you’re relocating across town or the country, it’s a time to celebrate and enjoy the fruits of your labor. However, it’s also stressful when you think about packages and paperwork. 

If you plan to move out soon, you might wonder how to get the job done without breaking a sweat.

The first thing to consider is the Phoenix moving company that will do the moving for you. Then, you should also remember to clean out your stuff. These are some initial steps to start, but there’s more to do.

Read below our top 8 helpful tips for a successful move-in day.

8 Essential Moving Day Tips That Will Make The Moving Process Smoother in Arizona

Set Up The Utilities For Your New Home

Your new home will feel more like a home with running water, electricity, WiFi, and HVAC. You must ensure your utilities are set up to start your new life comfortably.

We know it’s not easy to set up your utilities, but some companies can help you with this task to speed up the paperwork. You will only need to coordinate basic information with them to get your utilities lined up at your new house.

How To Pack a Sofa Bed

With a sofa bed, you must secure the mattresses’ mechanism. Since it is quite heavy (sofa beds usually weigh over a hundred pounds) you should call for help from a friend or a local moving service. 

Follow these steps once you’re ready:

  • Remove all the cushions and place them in plastic bags to protect them from debris, dirt, moisture, and other external elements during the move.
  • Once you open the sofa bed, remove the mattress and pack it separately from the sofa. 
  • Next, fold the bed frame inside the sofa bed to tie its mechanism.
  • Wrap a piece of twine through the handle and around the bottom of the furniture. This process will tie the sofa bed mechanism.
  • Make sure the bed frame is secured. It shouldn’t fall out when you move the sofa. 

Clean Your New House

You should also clean your new house before the movers arrive. Do a deep clean in the house to be ready for the moving day. It will save you time and effort for the day you place your items in the house.

With a fresh slate, you will only need to unpack! If you don’t have enough time to clean the new place (you have a lot to do, so we understand), consider hiring house cleaners. You can also ask your Paradise Valley moving company if they know professional house cleaners (many moving companies have these contacts available). 

You should also change your postal address to receive your mail to your new residence. Also, update the following: 

  • Community memberships
  • Bank accounts
  • Home and lawn service
  • Subscription services
  • Medicaid and Medicare offices
  • Medical records
  • Voter registration
  • insurance policies

Greet Your Local Movers

You should welcome your professional movers when they arrive. Offer them any essential information about your new house and discuss all doubts you may have about moving.

Remember to give contact numbers so the crew can contact you by phone if they cannot reach you. If you cannot be in your new home personally, authorize an adult to be your representative to accept the delivery and pay the moving charges (if not already paid).

Create A Plan For Furniture Placement

Placing furniture in your new home can take a lot of time. You can simplify this process by developing a plan for where you’d like to place your furniture in the new house, even if it’s just a simple drawing. 

This plan will save you a lot of trouble when moving furniture by yourself after the movers depart your new home. Talk to your local Fountain Hills movers about item placement and discuss any last-minute details that weren’t discussed before.

If you have trouble planning furniture placement, talk to friends or family members to get help. If possible, have two people in the new home on move-in day so that they can help you move the furniture to the place you want. 

Get Ready To Move In!

Your professional movers will do the heavy lifting, so do not worry about that. You should only focus on your household goods once they are delivered. If you see any sign of damage or that something is missing, report it to the move coordinator. 

When unloading, you will have to direct each piece of furniture to place them correctly. If you’d like your appliances installed and mattresses unpacked, talk to the move coordinator so that they can help you arrange for these additional services.

Double-Check Your Moving Inventory List

Carefully check your inventory before sending the movers on their way. Ask the moving crew to conduct a final checkout and sweep of the moving van. 

Make sure there’s no damage in the delivered boxes. See if nothing’s broken, especially fragile items. 

Once you are ready with the double-check, thank your Phoenix local movers and start the unpacking process.

Stock Your New Home With Essential Items

Purchase any groceries and/or personal items you’ll need for the first week in your new home. You may have time to prepare only basic meals, but if you prefer to avoid cooking for a few dates, get the phone numbers of local restaurants for pickup or delivery.

Always Contact Trusted Local Movers

The best way to guarantee a safe and successful move-in day is to contact reliable Phoenix local movers. At Leo’s Moving, we guarantee a high-quality service to deliver your belongings safely and at the best time possible. Schedule your move with us today and enjoy your move-in day without stress! 

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