3 Foolproof Ways to Spot a Long-Distance Moving Scam

We all know moving is a stressful experience, and unfortunately long-distance moving scams are all too common. There are multiple Phoenix long distance movers to choose from, so you need to be aware of which ones are scams and which ones are actually real and professional movers.

Unfortunately, these long-distance moving scams include losing all your possessions completely and never seeing them again, or having your belongings essentially held hostage until you hand over hefty sums of money so they are released. Whatever the result, any moving scam would be a complete nightmare to deal with on top of an already stressful relocation process, so we want you to be fully aware of some red flags that can help you identify if the Phoenix moving company you are considering is legitimate or fake. The biggest thing to consider, as with most scams in general, is if the promises are too good to be true. If the prices seem crazy low, or the moving packages offers all sorts of lofty promises, be aware that it

Moving Tipslikely is a scam and not worth your time. While everyone wants to find the most affordable prices, anything that seems completely out of the normal range is probably an illegitimate company.


What kind of initial deposit is the company asking for? Most Phoenix movers will ask for a small deposit to help hold your name on their schedule; however, any company that asks for a hefty sum of money up front as a deposit should be avoided. Generally, truly professional Phoenix local movers know that trusting them with all your worldly belongings is collateral enough already, let alone adding in a large amount of money.

It is also recommended to keep a paper trail of some kind (such as a theft-protected credit card) so that all your transactions with the moving company can be followed in case something unexpected comes up. This will protect you in case of any fraudulent activity.


Is there a physical address or just an online presence for the moving company in question? This is a huge red flag not just for long-distance moving scams, but for most scams in general. If there is no physical address listed somewhere on their website, it is likely fake and you should beware. This is an easy way for scammers to pocket your deposit as well as collect your personal information. Even if you are able to speak with someone on the phone, be aware if they are hesitant to share the location of their company. One of the best ways to learn about any company providing Phoenix local moves or long-distance relocations, is by word of mouth from previous clients. Search online for ratings and reviews, or ask around the local community. If nobody has heard of the company in question, or you come across some negative feedback, that is likely a sign you should reconsider your choice and find a different moving company instead.


Is there a binding quote and estimate in place? A common process used with any affordable Phoenix moving company is to do a walk-through of your home before providing an estimate. Any company that just throws an estimate at you without first generally assessing your home and your belongings is probably out there just to get money. Because everyone’s perspective is different, there is no way to really know the extent of your home and possessions without a first-hand walkthrough. Typically, moving rates for long-distance relocations are based on several factors including mileage, weight and amount of possessions, and distance of the move. If a company is offering you flat rates and seems to be avoiding an actual walkthrough, thank them for their time and move on to someone else.

A binding quote is used by all reputable moving companies. It means that after providing an estimate and agreeing upon a price point with you, there will be no additional charges or fees during or after the move. Any company that tries to add on extra charges for heavy boxes, a more complicated moving process than originally anticipated, or belongings that are challenging to pack, is likely trying to scam you. Do not be afraid to directly ask the company you are considering about a binding quote and what their policies are in that area.

Keep in mind that while these are three big red flags to be aware of, there are many other smaller things that should be kept in mind. Remember that reliable movers will drive vehicles with their company’s logo, or wear shirts bearing that logo. Anyone that does not is probably fake. Ask for identification from their company to see if they are legitimate. Also ask for insurance information. It is important to choose a company who has insurance to cover their moving crew. Watch for multiple bad reviews online or any negative feedback from the Better Business Bureau. All of these are key areas to watch for when choosing a long-distance moving company to trust with your relocation.

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