How Utilizing a Storage Facility Can Make Your Move Simpler

Let’s face it: any move can be highly stressful, no matter how big or small. Whether it is a Phoenix local move to orchestrating all the intricate steps can be quite complicated. Fortunately, there are ways to make it simpler and reduce the stress load! Here we discuss one of those ways: utilizing a storage facility.

The first step in the moving process is to hihe house down the block, or a relocation entirely across country, orchere a Phoenix affordable moving company such as Leo’s Moving. We specialize in Phoenix local moves and are experienced Phoenix long distance movers as well. No matter the size of the move, we know that it can be stressful and frustrating to get all the fluctuating pieces to work together smoothly.

As a top-rated Phoenix moving company, we are excited to have the option of offering a secure storage facility to utilize during your move. We know this greatly reduces the pressure placed on you and your Phoenix movers and makes the entire process much smoother and simpler. There are several reasons a storage facility is a must for any local move:



Even when you hire a professional moving company, getting every single item moved from one place to the next in the same day is a lot of pressure. Instead, imagine how much easier it would be to have the option of moving a few items at a time, doing it on your own schedule, and knowing that your belongings are completely safe in the process.

Not only does a storage facility make moving day easier, but it makes the unpacking process simpler too. When you utilize a secure storage facility at a local moving expert’s warehouse, you have the flexibility to pick and choose which boxes to bring home for unpacking. Organizing your new space will be so much less stressful when you can do it at your own pace, a few boxes at a time, as opposed to feeling the pressure to find everything a spot immediately.


Often, there is a misalignment with the timing of moving from one place to the next. Either your rent is up before the new place is ready, your old home sold earlier than anticipated, or you just cannot seem to find that perfect new space. Whatever the case may be, both you and your possessions need a temporary living area. While you always have the option to crash with family or friends, or to rent a hotel room for the time being, remember that the majority of your belongings cannot come with you and need to be kept safely somewhere. A temporary storage facility can be that place! Renting a secure storage facility in the Phoenix area will help you regain control over scheduling the whole moving process and help relieve some of the pressure you likely are feeling. You alone get to determine when the move starts and ends, and how long it takes in between.


The beauty of utilizing a temporary storage facility for your Phoenix local move is that your belongings will be protected while they are in waiting. While you can certainly store your boxes in Grandma’s garage or a friend’s shop, neither of these options provide the same level of security as a storage facility. Professional storage facilities are monitored 24/7, fenced, and have security cameras. The best part is they can even be climate-controlled to protect the most delicate belongings. While you cannot control the weather, you can control the area surrounding your family heirlooms or temperature-susceptible vintage furniture. You also have full control over who is allowed to be near your possessions, as opposed to just stacking them in a friend’s garage.

The Extras

Not only does a temporary storage facility provide security, allow more flexibility, and help you regain control over your moving schedule, but there are a few other beneficial aspects as well. One of these is the amount of work on your plate. When you hire a full-service Phoenix local moving company, the professionals will come to your house, pack your boxes, load them up, and transport them to the temporary storage facility. All that is required of you is to load up the kids and the pets, and drive to your new home. You will have the freedom to bring belongings to your new space and unpack them little by little, making your home less cluttered and your mind less pressured by time constraints.

Additionally, when you live without certain items for a period of time, it really helps clarify the value of those items to you. You will either realize your increased need for it or, on the flipside, realize you can easily live without it. If you are moving to a smaller space and really need to downsize your household, this may be the easiest way to decide which items stay and which ones go.

Overall, utilizing a temporary storage facility for your move really takes the pressure off your shoulders as a homeowner. When you hire a professional Phoenix moving company such as Leo’s Moving, your move will be simpler and less stressful. Our full-service moving team will pack your belongings with care, and get them loaded and moved to our secure temporary storage facility, allowing you the flexibility to unpack and organize your new space at your leisure. Contact our office today to learn about our affordable moving packages and to schedule your move!

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