Commercial Moving Guide: Stress Free Moving Tips for a Smooth Adjustment

It is no secret that moving is an exhausting feat. It can be especially challenging when you are planning out the
details of moving a whole business – all the supplies, expensive computers, paperwork, all the offices, and more. Even though it typically means the business is expanding and growing (which is a good thing!), the preparation work can be overwhelming. Hiring a professional Phoenix moving company such as Leo’s Moving can help make that transition smoother and easier. Here a few other things you can do to ensure your commercial move is a stress-free success:

Moving Tips


Proper timing is everything when preparing for a commercial move. Figure out the time of year where your business is the slowest, and plan the move for that season. Is your area going through a lot of construction that would cause extensive delays, long detours, and cause overall headache in the process? Is there inclement weather in the forecast? All these details can be overwhelming to think about, but working through them will go a long way toward making your move much smoother.


In all the flurry of moving, do not forget to communicate to the most important group of people when and where you are moving. Your clientele is key to your success as a business, and if they do not feel valued enough to receive clear details about your relocation, they will quickly find somewhere else to take their business instead. Post signs, utilize your social media, post on your website, write in your weekly emails, and speak directly with your customers about your move well in advance. Be certain to continue the communication after your Phoenix local move for several months as well, to ensure that both old and new customers find you.


If you are running a large company, set up a committee dedicated to planning the move. They can take a huge load off your shoulders by figuring out the logistics of how to move everyone’s desks and personal items, important paperwork. They can also take the responsibility of contacting service providers such as phone lines, electricity, and internet to ensure they are aware of the move. If you can get a solid team in place, the moving process will undoubtedly be much smoother and more successful than if you attempted to do it all alone.


Do not hesitate to shop around and find reputable Phoenix local movers that will work best for your needs. Talk with several experts and get as many estimates as you can. Remember that you usually get what you pay for – hiring the company with the lowest costs probably means you will also get low-quality work. Ask questions! Find out what contracts are involved, down payments, insurance, and what policies are in place for sensitive or expensive equipment.

It is also a good idea to check with other businesses of your caliber to see which Phoenix movers they have used in the past, and who they may recommend. Choosing a trustworthy moving company will make all the difference in relieving your stress on the big day.


Take time beforehand to sit down and think through every detail of the moving day. This includes start time, loading and unloading locations, food and drink provisions if necessary, available parking spaces, and more. Remember that if you have chosen a high-quality Phoenix affordable moving company, they will typically work through all these details with you or even before you do, since their job is to make your move easier. The less surprises that pop up on moving day, the better everything will turn out.

Moving your business does not have to be stressful. Let Leo’s Moving do the hard work and ensure your moving day goes smoothly. We are a full-service moving company, and will even pack or unpack your expensive equipment so you have one less thing to plan through. With insurance, excellent ratings, and competitive pricing, Leo’s Moving is the best in the Valley. Call us today to get on our moving schedule!

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