Reliable Road Trip Guide for a Cross Country Move

Tips to Make Your Long-Distance Move a Little Easier

When you move across the country, you have two options for getting there: Fly there while the Phoenix movers take your belongings over the roadways, or drive there. For some, the choice is a matter of practicality. Many people choose to drive themselves because they don’t want to pay extra for someone to transport their vehicle or their pets. For others, the choice is one of preference. Some people would rather relax and let the professionals take care of the other work for them.

There are many advantages to driving, however, including saving money, having more flexibility over your trip, and giving you the opportunity to see more of the country. Here are a few things you can do to make the road trip for your long-distance move a little easier:

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Get Your Car Serviced

You don’t want to be 15 hours into a long road trip when a tire blows out or your engine overheats. You should have your car serviced before you head out on your trip to make sure there are no lingering issues and to get any maintenance that your car needs.

You should pay special attention to your tires and get any replaced if they are looking threadbare. Consider purchasing a spare to have on hand in case you get a flat when you are on the road and far from the next exit or service station.

Book Lodging Ahead of Time

You can certainly book your hotels as you travel, either using an app to do it or stopping at points along the highway and checking to see if a hotel has a vacancy. But either option puts you at risk of not being able to find a hotel that has a vacancy when you need one. Then you will have to drive while you’re fighting sleep, compromising your safety.

Save yourself some trouble and book your lodging ahead of time. That means that you’ll also need to plan your route carefully, including your stops, and you’ll need to stick to your plan.

Download Media for the Trip

A cross-country road trip is going to involve a lot of hours and miles on the road. Whether you’re the passenger or the driver, you’re going to run out of things to keep your attention fast. You can make the ride a little more pleasant by downloading some media for your trip.

Download music and audio books that you’d enjoy hearing. If you know that you’ll spend some time as the passenger, consider downloading some movies or videos to watch on your phone or computer. Remember that you aren’t likely to have an Internet connection, so download more than you think you’ll need.

Pack Snacks and Drinks

Moving is already expensive. You can save a little money on your cross-country trip by packing snacks and drinks to keep in the car. Then you don’t have to pay too much for food and drinks whenever you’re feeling a little peckish.

Keep a variety of options on hand to satisfy whatever cravings that come out so you don’t feel tempted to eat out (and overspend).

Pack Important Documents

Put everything you need for safe travel in an envelope, such as your insurance policy documents, numbers for your car service or other emergency service, emergency contacts, and more. You may also want to travel with your important documents, instead of packing them up and shipping them off with the Phoenix movers. These documents can include birth certificates, marriage licenses, life insurance documents, and more.

Of course, one of the most important things you can do to make your cross-country move a success is to hire a professional moving company in Phoenix to handle the heavy work for you. Long-distance movers can pack, haul, and even unpack your belongings, making a stressful process much easier. You can focus on getting yourself and your family to your new home and relax knowing that the hardest part of the move is handled for you.

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