Helpful College Moving Tips To Keep You Organized

Tips To Help You Keep Your College Move Organized

Moving into the dorm is an exciting yet nerve-wracking rite of passage for many. It may be your first time living on your own, or it may be your first time being far from home. In addition to all the emotional challenges that such a move will bring, it also brings big, logistical challenges. You will have to contend with moving a lot of your personal belongings – perhaps across the state or across the county – and moving into what may be a much smaller space. 

Hiring a Phoenix trusted moving company can make the whole experience a little easier. You can put your belongings in the safe hands of trusted movers, and you can let them do the heavy lifting. Here are a few more things you can do make your college move a little easier and more organized: 

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Pare Down Your Belongings

The more things you have to move, the more difficult your move will be. If you need all those things, the effort is worth it. But most of us are hanging on to far more things than we actually need or use. You can make your move much simpler by spending some time going through your things and getting rid of items that you no longer need or use. 

Pay particular attention to clothes when you are paring down, as they make up the bulk of what you will take to college. Keep in mind that if you aren’t wearing it at home, you are highly unlikely to start wearing it in a new place. The fewer items you have to move, the lower your bill with the moving company, and the easier it will be to pack (and unpack) everything.

Separate Seasonal Clothes

Since clothes make up the bulk of what you will take, they also will take up most of your time to unpack and get organized. You can make that job easier by separating your seasonal clothes when you are packing. If your clothes are already sorted by season, you can focus on unpacking only what you currently wear when you arrive at the dorm, allowing you to settle in faster.

Though you don’t have to unpack your winter clothes right after arriving, also don’t just shove them in a closet and forget about them. The key is to allow yourself time to unpack at a reasonable pace, not to push the problem to another day. 

Pack Organizational Materials

Your dorm is going to be small. You can make better use of the space by bringing organizational materials that will help you keep everything right where you need it. Bring things like pop-up laundry hampers that you can grab and go to the laundromat, shower caddies that can easily transport all your personal hygiene items, desktop organizers to ensure you don’t ever lose important notes, and so on. 

Don’t overload yourself with gadgets you think will revolutionize your life but that you won’t ever actually use. Focus on a few essentials that will keep your things in order. 

Make a Special Essentials Bag

Don’t waste time searching through boxes and bags for the things you need after you arrive at the dorm. Make it easier on yourself to get settled in by packing a special bag with just your essentials. Keep the items in it that you will need for the first few days to a week: Clothing, personal hygiene items, computer, documents, and more. 

Keep your essentials bag with you when you travel. You can trust movers to get your belongings there safely, but accidents can happen along the way that can delay things. It’s better to have those most important items on you so you are sure to have them. 

Moving is always an exciting time, yet also a little stressful. Moving away to college for the first time can be more of both. Find a trusted moving company to help get your things to your new school safely and quickly, and use these tips to make your moving experience smooth and easy. 

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