11 Hacks to Follow For Your Office Relocation

Things to Consider in Your Office Move

Moving to a new office space can be even more complicated than a residential move, due to the high number of electronics, cords, fragile items, bulky furniture, and random objects. Additionally, there is usually a very small window of time that everything needs to get packed, moved by your Phoenix local movers, and unpacked, so that operations are not shut down for too long. While an office relocation is a lot of work, even for an experienced Phoenix moving company, following these 11 quick tips will help make your move much smoother and more efficient overall.

Office relocation with tips from the blog of Leo´s Moving

Plan Ahead

Winging it is just never a good idea when planning an office move, whether using local or Phoenix long distance movers. Starting the process early, along with delegating specific tasks, will make the whole process go more smoothly. Think through how you want the day to go, and create a blueprint to figure out where each box will be placed in the new building. Label boxes according to their location, rather than just its contents, to make it easy for your Phoenix movers to quickly unload the truck.

Put Someone in Charge

One of the best things you can do is appoint someone in the office as the “move manager”. Even if you will be dividing up the jobs, putting someone specifically in charge will make the process go smoother. The move manager will facilitate moving day and follow up on each step to ensure that everything is progressing as it should. An administrative assistant is an excellent choice for the move manager, but you should also consider choosing someone who has past experience with office relocations.

Research the Best Moving Company

Who you hire for your Glendale local move will make all the difference for the moving process. Experts typically recommend getting estimates from at least three different moving companies before making your final choice. Office moves can get quite expensive very quickly, so the more estimates you can get, the better. Give yourself time to do research and start well ahead of when the move will need to be done. Once the decision is made, you will need to make sure the company you choose has room on their schedule exactly when you need it.

Be sure to have a representative from each Glendale moving company physically visit your current office to scope out the amount of work needed for the move, before accepting a quote from them. It is not easy to describe what needs to be done over the phone, so a physical visit will be the best way to get the most accurate quote.

Assign Each Person a Specific Task

A simple tip is to assign everyone the job of packing up their own desk and personal belongings. While you are obviously hiring a professional Phoenix affordable moving company to come in and move the majority of items, your staff can take on the responsibility of their own desk space. Be sure to give them details about when their desks will need to be packed up, so that there are no surprises. Encourage them to start early and do a little bit at a time, to avoid scrambling at the last minute.

Help the IT Department

One of the most difficult aspects of an office relocation is disconnecting and reconnecting all the tech stuff. As soon as you have secured your moving date, communicate with the IT Department so they can begin designing a plan for transferring all the technical equipment. They will be in charge of all the computers, servers, phones, and internet plans. This is not a job that movers can really address, so be sure your IT department makes a plan right away.

Set a Few Ground Rules

Be sure to find out any necessary information about the building you are moving into. If it is a building containing other offices, there may be building rules regarding moves, such as only moving during non-business hours, needing special permission to use the service elevator, and other things. It is also important to ensure the doors will be unlocked and security alarms disengaged during the time of your move, especially if it needs to be during non-business hours.

Change Your Address

Be sure to fill out the change of address form as soon as you have all the necessary information. This includes changing the information for all your business cards, website info, stamps, letterheads, watermarks, return labels, and more. We also recommend communicating directly with your clients, especially if they are long-time customers, to inform them about the change of address and when it is in effect.

Label Your Boxes Clearly

As mentioned above, label your boxes with their final destination rather than simply writing out the contents. Put more generic labels such as “conference room”, “front desk”, “storage closet”, or “kitchen”. This will help your movers know exactly where each box goes without having to stop and ask the moving manager every three minutes.

Another option is to label each box with just a number, and create a corresponding spreadsheet that lists each box number with its location and contents. While this may be more work up front, it saves a ton of time and effort on the back end of the move, and will make the unpacking and setup process much easier.

Take Any Necessary Measurements

Be sure to measure certain dimensions in your new space to check that everything will fit. Measure items such as your breakroom fridge, copier, conference room tables, large equipment, and anything else that tends to take up a large amount of space. There is no sense in moving items that may not even fit in the new building, as this creates more work for you in the long run. Take the necessary measurements, and create a list of any new items that may be needed to make office items be more organized and fit better in the new building space.

Move Non-Essentials Separately

Make moving day simpler by transporting any smaller, non-essential items yourself. This really only works if there is a decent overlap of time between moving out of the old building and into the new. If you can handle items such as plants, bulk office supplies, and other non-essential objects early on, the actual moving day will go much faster overall.


After the move is over and everything has been unpacked, take time to throw an office party and celebrate the new space! This also serves as a big “thank you” as a way to show appreciation for your employees’ flexibility and willingness to help the process. The celebration could be as simple as ordering lunch for the office the first week after moving in, but even something small will show your staff how much you appreciate them.

Moving to a new office space is a lot of work. Let Leo’s Moving help! Our moving team is punctual, friendly, and efficient, and will take excellent care of your fragile office items. As a locally owned, full-service moving company, Leo’s Moving can be trusted with local or long-distance office relocations. Let our top-rated moving company make your office transfer smooth and stress-free. Complete the online form or contact us today at (480) 447-8821 to get an estimate for your move!

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