4 Guaranteed Methods to Make Your Move Eco-Friendly

There is no way around it – Phoenix local moves use a large amount of resources. Not only are you using multiple boxes made of either cardboard or plastic, but you also have to find a material to pad the fragile items. That padding is usually bubble wrap, newspaper, or other material that will just be thrown out after your possessions are unpacked in your new home.

Along with everything required to safely pack your items, remember that your Phoenix moving company will be using gas and oil to transport everything to the new location. If you are participating in a Phoenix long distance move, even more oil and gas will be used. Ultimately, all of this can have a negative effect on the environment.

If you are concerned about making your move more eco-friendly, here are a few tips to consider from your Phoenix local movers at Leo’s Moving.

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Make Your Belongings Work For You

Whether you have decided to use plastic totes or cardboard boxes to pack your belongings, chances are high that you already have multiple items you can use to transport your possessions. Rubbermaid totes are the perfect solution for packing bulkier items such as pots, pans, dishes, or books. Deep clean your trash cans and use them to carry extra pantry items, your household cleaners, or yard equipment. If you have laundry baskets, use them to carry clothes, toys, or grocery items.

The more you can utilize your own belongings, the easier the process will be for your Glendale movers. You will need less boxes to carry your stuff, which means less boxes to the landfill later. Even if you plan to recycle your boxes or pass them along to the next person, using your own totes means using less resources overall.

Use Cloth To Pad Your Fragile Belongings

Along the lines of reusing your bins to pack your belongings, try using what you have to pad fragile items. Rather than purchasing bubble wrap, piles of newspapers, or other packing materials made from plastic, consider using your own items. Towels, blankets, sheets, pillows, clothing, oven mitts, and even stuffed animals can take the place of bubble warp.

Once you start looking at the possibilities, you will realize how simple it is to use what you already have. Along with making your move easier because you are transporting less items, you will be caring for the environment as well. If you really need more padding than what you already have, try to find recycled items such as newspapers and reuse them to minimize your impact on the environment.

Re-Use Packing Materials Whenever Possible

Instead of purchasing dozens of new cardboard boxes for your move, consider looking for boxes that have already been used. By posting on or checking sites such as Craigslist or Facebook, chances are quite high that you will find plenty of boxes that someone just used for their own move, and want out of their space. Check with your friends and neighbors too, it is highly likely that someone knows someone else trying to get rid of their moving boxes and packing material.

Have Less Belongings

One of the best ways to minimize your environmental impact both during a move and in general, is to minimize what you own. Having less stuff means less boxes, less packing material, and less time spent moving by your Glendale moving company. Additionally, you can get away with using a smaller truck, which means less oil and gas being released into the environment.

The easiest time to get rid of unnecessary belongings is when you begin the packing process. Donate or recycle what you no longer use, or hold a garage sale if you have enough quality items to get out of your house. You will be surprised by how light and free you feel after getting rid of all the extra clutter. Doing so will reduce your environmental impact, along with reducing the amount of space used and overall clutter in your new home.

Leo’s Moving

Every little bit that you can do to reduce your environmental impact is better than doing nothing at all. Utilizing your own belongings for transporting and padding, along with reusing materials when able and minimizing your belongs overall will have a positive effect on making your move more eco-friendly.

If you are moving locally or cross-country, consider calling Leo’s Moving. We are a top-rated Phoenix affordable moving company that offers high-quality, affordable moving services for residential and commercial spaces. Our movers are experienced, carefully trained, and insured for extra protection. With full packing services available, along with storage units for the in-between time, Leo’s Moving is committed to making your move smooth, stress-free, and environmentally friendly. Call us today at (480) 447-8821 to learn more!

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