Moving Hoaxes: Protecting Your Wallet & Your Belongings

No matter if you are relocating down the street or across the country to another state, moving is a stressful experience. While Phoenix local moves are undoubtedly less so, there are still plenty of moving pieces to coordinate and put into place on moving day. Finding out you have been scammed by a Phoenix moving company is definitely not something you want to add to the stress of that day. What are some warning signs that some Phoenix local movers are attempting to scam you out of your money? Here are a few red flags to be aware of when hiring a Phoenix affordable moving company.

Moving Hoaxes: Protecting Your Wallet & Your Belongings

Too Good To Be True

While we all want the moving experience to be as inexpensive as possible, keep in mind that if you come across prices that sound too good to be true, they likely are. Cheaper is not always better! Likewise, the most expensive company may not necessarily be the best either. Just do not settle for the cheapest deal you can find, or the first Craigslist ad you come across. It is better to do some research and take time to look into the various Phoenix movers you are considering.

No Paperwork

Suppose you find a moving company that seems legitimate and affordable, and they show up to your house on moving day. Unfortunately, their original low price did not have any clarifying small print, so as soon as a contingency is encountered, the price goes up. Contingencies include challenges like extra stairs, a loading route longer than 50 feet, extra heavy boxes, and so on. And because there is no paperwork or signed agreement in place, they can continue raising the price to their heart’s content, or choose to hold your belongings hostage on the moving truck until you hand over the money. Talk about a stressful moving day!

Large Deposit Up Front

It is typical for every moving company to ask for a deposit up front. It helps hold your place on the schedule, and ensures that the company does not lose money if you need to back out last minute for any reason. You only need to be wary if they ask for a large sum of money, or even the full payment, upfront. There is absolutely zero reason that any Phoenix long distance movers would need your entire payment upfront, so if that is what they ask for, move on to someone else. It is a scam.

Bad Reviews

Spend some time doing research on every moving company you are considering. A reputable, professional Phoenix moving company should have a strong presence on Google, Angie’s List, and the BBB. They may even have social media pages that you can look over. While every company has a reasonable share of negative reviews, the positive reviews and ratings should far outweigh the bad. Talk with your family and friends who have recently moved to find out who they would recommend and who they stayed away from. If the feedback for a company is overall positive and sounds legitimate, they are worth considering for your move.

Other Thoughts

It is important to plan ahead for your move, and give yourself plenty of time to research companies and make sure there is room for you on their schedule. The most reputable companies typically have a fuller schedule, so if you find someone you trust, you will need to plan ahead to get on their calendar. We recommend planning an onsite visit to determine if they live up to their online promises.

The company should also plan to visit your home to survey your belongings and give a preliminary estimate for your move. They will want to check and see if you have a lot of heavy or fragile items that will require extra time and care. Take note of their service on the phone and during their home visit – did they show up on time? Were they friendly and courteous? Did they dress and act professionally?

Lastly, most reputable Glendale moving companies will offer a Moving Coordinator or Office Manger who oversees your moving day. They are eager to ensure an overall positive experience with their company, and they can manage any unforeseen challenges that come up during moving day, including missing keys for the new home, furniture that will not fit through the door, or inclement weather. Essentially, the Moving Coordinator is the point person for your moving day, so you can be free to focus on getting your family and pets safely from Point A to Point B in your own vehicle.

Leo’s Moving

If you are planning a move and are searching for a reputable company to take the lead, consider Leo’s Moving. We are highly trained and well-insured full-service movers, including everything from the initial packing of your belongings all the way through to the unpacking. Our goal is to make moving easy, affordable, and smooth, so you can have a stress-free moving experience. Whether local or long-distance, residential or commercial, our movers will pack, load, transport, unload, and unpack your things with care, and we can even store your belongings securely if your move has been delayed. Contact us today at 480-447-8821 to learn more about our services!

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