The Ultimate Guide to Safely Packing Your Electronics for Prime Protection

Moving is unsettling, in more ways than one. Between your valuable china, dinnerware, vases, pictures, and other fragile possessions, it can be very difficult to find enough padding to fully protect everything that needs it.

Of course, we cannot forget all your electronics – your xbox, playstation, 4k TV, computer, and so much more. These things cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and yet, they can be easily overlooked in the hustle and bustle of getting your house packed up for a Phoenix local move. No matter how careful your Phoenix moving company is, at some point each box will be jostled around and the contents inside bumped together.

While most of the obligation to be gentle is on the shoulders of your Phoenix movers, you still need to do your share and pack responsibly as well. Here are a few tips from Leo’s Moving on a few ways to ensure your electronics are packed safely and fully protected..

The Ultimate Guide to Safely Packing Your Electronics for Prime Protection

Back Everything Up

Before even beginning to pack items such as your laptop or xbox, be sure to back up all the data in a secondary hard drive. This way, if your computer or other device is damaged by the Phoenix long distance movers, all your priceless family photos, or important documents and other information will not be lost forever. This step alone will go a long way in easing your stress level during the move.

Label Your Cords

While you may think all your cords are sorted out and it will not be a problem to remember, it may be trickier than you think. A lot of cords look alike, and it can be incredibly easy to lose or misplace them amidst all the boxes.

Before disassembling and packing all your electronics and game consoles, take a few minutes to label each cord clearly with a strip of masking tape. You may even consider taking a photograph so reassembly is a breeze. After everything is labeled, use a few extra bits of masking tape to neatly coil the cords for easy packing and unpacking.

Remove Internal Pieces

Most Avondale local movers will highly recommend removing internal components before packing your belongings. For example, a printer should not be packed with the ink cartridges still inside. If the box were to be dropped or jostled inside the moving truck, the cartridge could be punctured or damaged, which would cause ink to spill out and ruin the printer and anything else inside the box, not to mention be an expensive waste.

Make sure you also remove any games from your consoles, DVDs, removable flash drives, or any other portable storage devices or accessories. This will help ensure that each piece can be fully protected during packing and moving.

Use Original Packaging

It is always recommended to save the original boxes for your large, expensive electronics. This includes TVs, game consoles, computers, and more. Doing so will make packing these items for a move simple and straightforward. The original boxes are designed specifically for maximum protection and cushion, so they will provide the best fortification possible for these items during harsh shipping conditions.

Use the Right Materials

If you did not save the original boxes, never fear! Simply be sure to use the right packing materials to provide as much protection as possible. Use strong cardboard boxes. Buy bubble wrap or packing foam that is anti-static and sturdy. Use high-quality packing tape to make sure boxes stay sealed shut. Be sure to label each box very clearly and specifically with a permanent marker, so that anyone moving them knows which ones are fragile. Don’t be afraid to use extra packing material and more boxes, to ensure that your boxes are not overstuffed. You also have the option to dedicate smaller boxes specifically to your game consoles or other small devices, to minimize the number of other items in the boxes that could damage the electronics.

Use Professional Movers

Last, but not least, use professional movers that have been highly trained and carry excellent reviews. This is perhaps the best way to ensure your electronics make it safely and intact to your new home. The right Phoenix affordable moving company will have all the skills and knowledge to appropriately pack the moving truck and transport all your possessions to your new home.

If you are looking for a reputable, highly recommended moving company in Arizona, Leo’s Moving has you covered. We are locally-based and specialize in comprehensive packing and moving services, and our expert movers are strongly committed to making your relocation stress-free. With affordable prices and high-quality work, Leo’s Moving can relocate your family with ease. Give us a call today to learn more about the convenient services we offer!

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