Hiccups to Expect With Every Move

No matter how prepared you may be for relocating, whether it is a Phoenix local move or cross-country move, there is always something that will not go according to plan. While stressing over every little detail that could go awry is stressful and harmful to the success of your actual moving day, it is important to be ready for last-minute problems. Here are a few common hiccups that can make a flawless move turn into a bumpy, stress-filled day.

Hiccups to Expect With Every Move

Last Minute Schedule Change

Imagine you have carefully packed every belonging, clearly labeled all the boxes, and have put hours of planning into your moving day. You have lined up the Buckeye moving company, organized all your helpers according to their strengths so they will be the most helpful, and have made sure everyone is awake and ready for the big day. And then…your moving company calls. They are understaffed today and unable to show. What happens next?

If that isn’t frustrating enough, imagine your buddies who volunteered to help forgot, and are out of town. Or your new landlord is stuck in traffic or a meeting and cannot bring the keys to your new place so your belongings can be moved in. Or your plans to feed the hungry masses helping with your move fall through because the restaurant you planned to use is actually closed that particular day. Or the Buckeye affordable moving company truck you rented broke down on the way to your house.

Whatever the scenario, there are all kinds of things that can go wrong on the big day. It is important to have a backup plan in case something falls through, so that your moving day can continue as planned. While you should not plan for something bad to happen, be aware that regardless of your extensive planning, sometimes every expectation just may not be met.

Poor Planning

Getting up early is key to a smooth moving day. Whether your Phoenix long distance movers are scheduled to show up at 7 am or 11 am, getting up early to be prepared for the day goes a long way. You have time for a quick shower, a cup of coffee, and last minute packing that needs to be done, all be fore the Phoenix movers show up.

Procrastination and continually hitting snooze on your morning alarm will drastically affect your last minute packing, your whole moving day, and your planned schedule. If you are still brushing your teeth after rolling out of bed while your movers are showing up to start loading, something is messed up. Plan ahead, get up early, and be ready to tackle the day.

No Help

There is almost nothing worse than realizing you cannot do everything yourself, and asking for others to help…and then they forget and do not even show up on moving day. Or, worse yet, they bail out at the last minute for something more fun. Some flaky volunteers can be brushed off with hardly a dent in the day. But the Phoenix local movers that you scheduled? Or your parents who promised they could watch the kids? That is a hiccup that nobody wants to face on moving day.

Bad Weather

Or, consider that everything in your moving day could be scripted to a T, planned out, everyone shows up, everything is going well. But suddenly, a downpour shows up to rain on the parade, or a raging blizzard. Be aware that you may have the best laid plans, but unless the weather cooperates, the day may not run as smoothly as hoped. If the weather is dangerous, it is likely your movers will not be allowed to help move your belongings, as a matter of policy in their company. Be sure to check with your hired Glendale moving company beforehand about their policies regarding bad weather, refunds, and rescheduling.

Leo’s Moving

While moving can never be a perfectly flawless process, some hiccups can be more easily overlooked than others. Consider that you may face last minute schedule changes, poor planning, flaky volunteers, or inclement weather on your moving day. While the team at Leo’s Moving cannot control the weather, we can promise to follow through and hold up our end of the deal for your move. Whether local or long-distance, residential or commercial, Leo’s Moving is experienced, knowledgeable, and committed to the success of your day. We offer affordable services, high-quality labor, and can even store your belongings in between spaces. For a positive, stress-free moving experience, contact Leo’s Moving today at (480) 447-8821 to get your move on our schedule!

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