How To Properly Prepare Your Belongings Before Storing Them

Recommendations To Protect Your Items During Storage

With so many self-storage rentals, you should not have issues choosing the best one. However, before haphazardly throwing your belongings inside a storage unit, you should know the right way to prepare and pack them.

Whether you’re moving soon or just want a long-term solution to declutter your current home, here are ten recommendations for preparing your belongings for storage according to long-distance movers in Glendale.

Preparing belongings before storing them in Arizona

Investigate All About Storage Restrictions

The first thing you should do is research what you actually can store inside the storage unit.

The storage unit company should also inform you about the restricted items. If they don’t give you a list with this information, be sure to ask the company all the regulations

Here are some examples of things that you may not be able to store inside a storage unit:

  • Dangerous items like gasoline and fertilizers
  • Explosives and fireworks
  • Strong chemicals and paint
  • Narcotics
  • Any flammable items
  • Perishable food, plants, and medicines

Decide The Items You Will Put In Storage

The next thing is to consider what you need to store before putting it inside. It sounds like an obvious point, but many people forget it and decide to store anything that seems to take up a lot of space at home.

Think of it as the more you have to store, the bigger the storage unit will have to be. As a result, the price will increase too. Since you probably want to save money, carefully decide the items that must be stored. Some local movers in Avondale offer storage services, and you may find them at a great price, so be sure to ask for that!

Write Down An Inventory List

Before packing your items, write down an inventory list. You can add to this list every single item, from pictures to furniture, and even souvenirs. By doing this, you’ll be able to keep track of everything efficiently.

Keep more than two copies of the list if possible.

Clean Your Belongings

You surely don’t want to store things with a mildewy scent. Therefore, be sure to clean all your belongings before storing them. If your items are clean, they won’t smell bad later.

Label Your Boxes Clearly

Do not throw away your leftover moving boxes! Use them to pack your things.

You can use plastic bins too, but make sure they are strong enough to maintain your items protected during long-term storage. Since you cannot see what’s inside each box or bin, carefully label each one. For example, do not label a box with general terms like “kitchen items”. Instead, be more specific: “pans and utensils”.

Protect Your Items From Environmental Conditions

If you contact a Paradise Valley moving company with storage unit services, you will probably have a highly protected space. Still, it never hurts to check that the storage unit is climate-controlled. Remember that moisture, dust, mildew, and mold can develop in your items if you do not check the environment surrounding them.

Take Your Time To Disassemble Large Items

You can save a lot of space in your storage unit if you disassemble large items, such as beds and dining tables. By doing this, you will also protect them better from potential wear.

Prepare All The Appliances

If you are going to put small kitchen appliances in storage, wrap them in bubble wrap or foam to prevent them from breaking.

Do not forget to clean these items before storing them. If there are any loose parts, secure them with scotch tape or rope.

Place Your Belongings Into The Storage Unit

The last thing to do is to place the items in storage. Think carefully about how and where to store each item in the unit. For example, if you want to save space, store them vertically. Also, remember to leave large objects at the bottom and smaller ones (including those you may use often) on the top.

Contact An Affordable Moving Company In Phoenix

While planning your storage project, contact a top-rated moving company like Leo’s Moving to receive a trusted service and the best storage unit to protect your items. At Leo’s Moving, we offer storage for all your precious belongings so that the transition between homes is easier. Storing some of the excess items with us can save you a lot of stress and time, so contact us now to receive a free quote!


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