Moving In a Hurry? Top Tips For a Stress-Free Last-Minute Move

Recommendations On How To Properly Pack If You’re Moving In a Hurry

For many of us, moving out is tricky at its best. You have to pack your stuff the night before, move all your belongings the next day and leave behind a place that you called home. As simple as it sounds, people find this quite challenging. But sometimes, you have to move faster than expected, making things worse.

So, are you ready for that situation? Most people aren’t, and we don’t blame them; it is not easy to move out on short notice. The first rule of packing is that the worst time to pack is under pressure, so imagine having just a few days to get things done. 

Luckily, a Phoenix moving company is here to help by giving you these tips for a hassle-free last-minute move. 

Recommendations On How To Properly Pack If You're Moving In a Hurry in Arizona

Logistics First

With a last-minute move, every task seems utterly difficult to accomplish, but there’s always a solution for this.

It’s easy to feel shocked by how much you have to do, but don’t let the to-dos overwhelm you. Instead, take a deep breath and get to work quickly, but efficiently.

Start with logistics first. You can hire a moving company or rent a truck. The answer will depend on if you’re going to need help while moving or if you’re doing it yourself. Most of the time, it’s better to hire a moving company because they do the hard job for you, including packing things up. 

Make A Plan

Once you have planned everything with the movers or rented a truck, decide what you need to do ASAP. You should start with a moving checklist. Write down all the tasks that need to be done and compile them into a list to make things easier for you.

You can be as specific as you want, as long as you go straight to the point. In this list, you have to include the help you will receive from the Paradise Valley moving company (if you contacted one). Forget about things like “washing the clothes I bought in the mall a few days ago” because you can do that later. The focus is on the essentials to make the moving efficient.

For example, if you have children in school, remember to notify the school before the moving day. 

A checklist will help you go through the move smoothly. Plus, it reduces stress and anxiety. 

Get Rid Of Everything You Don’t Need

With a last-minute move, easy packing is crucial. The fewer things you have to pack, the easier things will be. Check each room in your house and get rid of items you no longer need or want. You can separate them into three piles: recycle, donate, and throw away. 

You may have feelings for certain things, but now it’s time to think logically, not sentimentally. Save only those relics that matter to you (a family item, a gift from your partner, etc.)

Avoid packing everything with the idea that you’ll find used to everything and you’ll get rid of things in your new home. It’s much easier to short those things out pre-move and save energy for other things once you move with a Fountain Hills affordable moving company.

Prepare A Moving Essential Bag

You need a small duffel bag before start packing. Fill the bag with essential items to avoid chaos while moving. This includes documents, chargers, medications, toiletries, and a couple of changes of clothes. It is something you should do every time you move, even if you’re not in a rush, but when you’re short of time, it’s extremely important.

Once you have your essential bag ready, you can start packing. 

Don’t Overthink. Focus On Packing

There’s no time for a strict organization when you’re moving in a hurry. The goal here is to move all your things from your current home to the new one without any issues. Therefore, if a short time requires you to sort items or keep an itemized list instead of organizing everything perfectly, so be it. 

Don’t worry aout having a “theme” for each box. Put your items where they fit, even if they seem a bit messy. As long as you pack all your items safely, there shouldn’t be a problem.

You should also pack clothes as they are. Now it’s not time to try Konmari methods, you can do that later. 

Hire a Phoenix Moving Company

One of the best things about hiring professional movers is that they help you get things done in the easiest way possible. In other words, they simplify complicated labor and make the moving process easier for you. 

For a stress-free, convenient, and affordable moving experience, contact Leo’s moving. We are a BBB accredited business ready to help you with your local or long-distance move. Request a quote through our website to start! 


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