How a Moving & Storage Company Can Benefit You

Why You Must Hire Professional Movers With Storage Options

For many people, moving is one of the worst life experiences because it usually requires so much planning, coordination, stress, and work. Of course, the result of moving – such as finally getting into your dream house or relocating for a great new job – can be really amazing, but the actual process of moving can be completely exhausting and overwhelming. While many people can get the majority of their belongings moved in a long weekend, it really takes weeks or even months to get everything packed and unpacked. There are also many details to coordinate, such as finding a moving truck of sufficient size to be available on the same weekend when your friends are. Sometimes there are storage needs while you wait for your realtor to get all the details settled with a buyer or seller. Hiring a Phoenix moving company is a decision that may seem expensive upfront, but when you get settled in your new home and consider the stress and backaches you avoided, you’ll feel it was all worth it.

Professional moving company with storage options in Phoenix, AZ

4 Reasons Why Hiring a Moving & Storage Company Is The Best Choice

1. When You’re Busy Coordinating Moving Details & Feel Stressed About Getting Your Stuff Moved

When you hire a Phoenix affordable moving company, you’ll be free from worry about moving all the big things, like your furniture and equipment. With reliable movers handling the heavy lifting and the work of getting all of your boxes moved, you’ll have more time and mental energy to manage the other details involved with your move, like setting up cable, handling change of address forms, calling about utility services at your new home, and finding amenities in your new neighborhood. Or maybe you just want some extra time to prep for your new job, hang out with your kids, host a going away party, or to study for a big exam. You’ll be glad to have more time to spend with friends and family before you move to your new location. One of the best ways to get more availability in your busy schedule for socializing and preparing other details is to hire Phoenix movers. The process of moving your things takes a lot of time. Hiring a Glendale professional mover will reduce your workload and stress. They can even pack and unpack your belongings too, if you are needing extra time to work on other projects.

2. Possible Injuries & Accidents From The Heavy Lifting

Almost every move involves some big pieces of furniture, such as mattresses, desks, couches, extra freezers, and other appliances, and more. Some big items, such as a piano, take special care and procedures that most people aren’t familiar with. While a group of friends might be able to help with your furniture, so you can spare your back the risk of injury from moving everything by yourself, many items are still difficult to move and handle. You’ll also face the potential for injury and accidents by friends who are well-intentioned but may not be skilled at heavy lifting. Don’t forget that everything you own needs to be moved two times – once out of your old place, and then again into your new home. Hiring Phoenix local movers keep things easy for you by eliminating the risk of potential injury or accidents.

3. Having Concerns About Things Breaking Or Being Damaged In The Move

If you’ve ever helped someone move, or used a moving truck yourself in the past, you understand the risks and struggles that happen when carrying lots of boxes or heavy furniture into the truck. Even a ramp into the truck doesn’t completely eliminate these challenges! Not only can this potentially cause injury to your moving helpers, but you may also find yourself with damaged furniture or broken items inside dropped boxes. This is disappointing, frustrating, and potentially expensive. When you hire a Phoenix moving company to do the job for you, you can feel confident that your belongings will be carefully handled and skillfully moved every step of the way. Even better, storage and moving options such as ground level containers will make a big difference in how your furniture looks when it arrives at its new destination.

4. When You’re Planning a Move To Another State

Most moving companies only work with clients who are moving locally from one neighborhood to another. This is because moving across state lines adds a layer of complication to the moving process. However, there are some Phoenix long distance movers who have all those complications figured out and are happy to help get your moved to your new, long distance location! Find a moving company who can handle those details with ease and get you quickly and safely moved.

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Leo’s Moving is a trusted Phoenix moving company. As a locally owned and operated business, you can feel confident that we can safely handle your local or long distance move, so you can focus on your family and getting settled in your new home. Our experienced movers carefully handle whatever you need moved, at an affordable price. We offer a full range of services, including packing, unpacking, loading, hauling, and storage. Contact us today to get a free quote on your move!



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