5 Creative Ways To Successfully Move Bulk Furniture

Professional Arizona Movers Share Useful Tips For Moving Large Furniture 

In any move, handling the large pieces of furniture is almost always one of the most intimidating parts of the process. Large furniture is not only awkward to carry and cumbersome to maneuver through doorways, it’s also often very heavy. Adding stairs into the mix makes it all even more complicated. There’s the risk of hurting yourself (or your friends who have volunteered to help!) and the risk of damaging either your furniture or your home. You’ll certainly end up feeling exhausted after a day of moving, when you’d rather be getting organized in your new home. The best and easiest way to move your large furniture is to hire an affordable moving company in Phoenix to get the job done for you. But when that isn’t an option, try these creative tips.

A couple moving large furniture in Phoenix, AZ

Moving Tip #1: Hire Movers Near You

Hire the professionals! Phoenix local movers are the most stress-free way to get your large furniture moved safely. Skip the hassle and the backaches, and let the pros do it for you. If you don’t want to hire professional movers, you’ll need to find some friends who are willing to help. You might want to sweeten the deal with pizza and beer. The more friends you have to help, the easier it will be to get the big things moved. And it might even be fun, too!

Moving Tip #2: Get the Right Moving Equipment

Get the equipment that professional Avondale movers use, such as a dolly and furniture sliders. These make all the difference in how you will feel at the end of the day and how easy it is to get the big stuff moved. A dolly, or hand cart, is just a metal cart on wheels, and is often available for rent from a moving supply company. Just slide the small metal piece under your furniture, and tip it back. Then you’ll easily be able to push the appliance or furniture on wheels. Your friends can help keep it steadied until you get into the truck. The only lifting you’ll need to is the short distance off the cart and some final adjustments in your new digs.

Furniture sliders can also be helpful. Sometimes furniture can be slid across a room to the doorway so that the carrying distance is shortened. You’ll only need to lift the furniture into the truck and up or down stairs, making your job that much easier. Sliders will reduce a lot of strain. Buckeye movers may also use lifting straps for certain pieces, so consider adding those to your rental list. Lifting straps add ease to the hefty task of large, cumbersome items that don’t have good access points for carrying. Use lifting straps for maneuvering, holding pieces on a dolly, or for adding stability to your lift. You’ll also want to get a truck that has a ramp, so you can avoid lifting heavy items straight up or down.

Moving Tip #3: Remove The Legs From Your Couches & Chairs

This tip may be less obvious. But when chairs or couches are too large to fit easily through a doorway, you’ll end up working slowly and wasting time. Plus you’ll have the difficult task of holding a heavy object while simultaneously trying to carefully move it in a way that doesn’t damage doorframes. Save yourself muscle strain and back pain by just removing the legs of the couch or chair. This will enable you to move things through doorways and hallways more easily, and you won’t need to worry about damaging the walls while you move them. You’ll feel like a Phoenix local mover pro!

Moving Tip #4: Use Moving Tricks Like The Hook Method

Often, a couch or other large object won’t fit through the door straight on. Get a little creative and try some different methods recommended by Glendale movers: turn the item on its side to find a narrower point of entry. Try the hook method, where you put one side of the furniture, often the back or side, through the door first. Then turn the furniture so that the other side also goes through the narrowest way possible. Changing the position may seem counter-intuitive at first, but will help you fit a large, awkward item through a smaller opening.

Moving Tip #5: Protect Doorways To Avoid House Damage

One of the challenges of moving large, heavy furniture without the help of Buckeye movers is the added stress of trying to avoid damaging the walls or door frames. When you carry something large, you often cannot see where you are going, like you can while carrying something smaller. You are also more prone to losing your balance and miscalculating your clearance, causing accidental bumps into door frames or mouldings. This kind of damage can be frustrating to repair, so take a bit of time to protect those areas in your new home before you get started. Padding can prevent a lot of dents and scratches!

Make Moving Less Stressful With a Qualified Phoenix Moving Company!

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